Tactical Mike bundle 3 Tactical Mike bundle 3 Tactical Mike bundle 3 Tactical Mike bundle 3 Tactical Mike bundle 3
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Tactical Mike bundle 3

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Here is your chance to take advantage of another great  Tactical bundle.

In this bundle you will get.

1. EDC belt in Coy Brown only.

1. Slimline Dump pouch in Coy or MC.

1.  ATS Truck driver hat, which will make you extra metrotactical.

PLUS FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE US OR APO ADDRESS.  (free shipping only counts with these 3 items).

Depending on your US location this could save you over $30.00 bucks.  



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Written by paul on Apr 12th 2018

I didn’t calculate how much I saved by purchasing this bundle. Don’t really care. I wanted a new hat, & needed a new belt. As far as the dump pouch goes, I figured why not? I like hats w/ mesh, & it was from a company I don’t mind supporting. It fits, & looks decent. What more can I say? I really like the belt. It holds my pants up & seems to support the weight of a G19 pretty well. This is my 1st non leather belt, so I can’t compare it to any others. It’s just small enough to fit through the belt loops of my wranglers. I’ve heard there are other brands of jeans out there, but can’t comment. The dump pouch rolls up fairly small when I don’t want or need it, & unrolls just shy of lightning fast. Molle’s not my thing these days, so I like the fact that it can be threaded directly to my new belt. Although I probably won’t attach it via molle, I like the way ATS does the snapless attach system. Should be very easy to thread through the pals. All in all, everything was as good as I expected it to be. ATS is a solid company in terms of product quality & customer service. There might be a company or 3 as good, but I doubt there’s any better.

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