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6354DO ALS Holster-RH


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The Safariland 6354DO has been nicknamed the Jump Holster, because the new ALS (Automatic Locking System) mechanism used in this model practically makes your pistol jump into your hand. Instead of the flat spring of the other ALS holsters, the 6354DO uses a pair of mechanical coil springs for a much smoother, even faster draw. Even so, the holster has the same retention of the other ALS holsters; once the gun is holstered, it 's locked in until the locking lever used to release it.

The 6354DO is designed for Glock pistols with a Docter Optic (hence the "DO" designation) red dot sight mounted, but retains the pistol just fine with iron sights. Because it was designed for pistols using an RDS, the sight channel is formed deeper to accommodate the taller suppressor height sights often used on RDS equipped pistols.

Its wrapped in Multicam for a low IR signature and to limit impact noise as much as possible. This holster comes with the QLS 19 Locking Fork for use with Safariland's excellent Quick Locking System QLS 22 receiver plate. It can also mount to any Safariland platform that uses the three screw mounting system, which encompasses every tactical holster and mount they've made since about 2006. Available for Glock 17, 22, 34, 35 weapons with and without Surefire X300 (including the U-Boat), ITI M3 or TLR-1 series lights. The 6354DO is the current pinnacle of modular tactical holster designs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review