ATS Cummber-Bund Soft Armor SLSIIIA (Set)

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SERIES SLS NIJ 0101.06 MODEL # SLSIIIA NIJ 0101.06 THREAT LEVEL IIIA NIJ CERTIFICATION SIZES C1 – C5 BALLISTIC MATERIAL Woven Twaron / UD Twaron WEIGHT 1.18 psf THINNESS .25 in (6.35mm) V50 – 357sig 125gr TMJ (new) 1867 ft/s (569m/s) V50 – 357sig 125gr TMJ (conditioned) 1796 ft/s (547m/s) P-BFS Avg. – 357sig 125gr TMJ 27.3 mm V50 – 44mag 240gr JHP (new) 1661 ft/s (506m/s) V50 – 44mag 240gr JHP (conditioned) 1613 ft/s (492m/s) P-BFS Avg. – 44mag 240gr JHP 36 mm SPECIAL THREAT TESTING V50 - 2gr RCC 3060 ft/s (932m/s) V50 - 4gr RCC 2642 ft/s (805m/s) V50 - 16gr RCC 2244 ft/s (684m/s) V50 - 17gr FSP (.22cal) 2017 ft/s (615m/s) V50 - 64gr RCC 1866 ft/s (569m/s) V50 – 9mm 127gr SXT (new) 1754 ft/s (534m/s) P-BFS Avg. – 9mm 127gr SXT 24.6 mm P-BFS Avg. – 40cal 165gr S+W Sp GDHP 27.2 mm P-BFS Avg. – 5.7x28 27gr SS195 17 mm P-BFS Avg. – 5.7x28 27gr SS197 19.3m.  The 10x12 will fit 10x12 and large ATS Tactical cummberbunds.  Order the same size cummberbund inset as your Plate carrier size. S,M,L,XL


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