ATS Riggers Belt

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The ATS Rigger's Belt has taken this decades old design to a new level. Incorporated in the belt itself is a slot that can be used to carry a pistol "Bandolero" style. The design completely covers the trigger guard area of most medium and large frame semi-auto pistols including all Glock models, 1911 style pistols, and the Beretta M9/92F. The belt itself is constructed of 1.72" Type 13 cargo webbing and parachute grade buckles.


If you plan to use the belt to carry a pistol full time with this belt, remember to allow a little bit of room for the gun in your sizing. Bear in mind that our belts are measured in inches and pants sizes can vary by several inches. It's best to measure with a tape measure for proper sizing.

  • Small (30-34 inches)
  • Medium (34-38 inches)
  • Large(38-42 inches)
  • X-Large(42-46 inches)
  • XXL (46-50)

As with the rest of our product line, it is built with pride in the USA and is covered by our lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects in materials and workmanship.

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Rigger belt
Written by William Rene on Aug 14th 2019

Excellent belt, but the recommendation of buying it and extra big base on the carry on pistol need to be rewritten. I bought a rigger belt and followed the recommendation and know I have a XL belt saggy. I am looking for an alternative to fix it.

love this belt
Written by Bill Herrington on Aug 24th 2018

This is the second riggers belt i’ve purchased in the last 10 years. The only reason I had to purchase this one is I had worn the old belt out from frequent use on shift.

Works Great for Its Purpose
Written by Dan Markert on May 22nd 2018

An excellent rigger belt for those times and places you need to stow your service pistol while performing garrison duties or personal business inside the FOB. Or when going slick for Key Leader Engagements and you still want to be armed low profile. Your pistol will easily fall out when dropping trou in the port a john, so pay attention! Very comfortable in office chairs or the DFAC. I used this for a whole year in Afghanistan as an ANA advisor. Super happy with it.

Riggers Beltd
Written by undefined on Mar 9th 2018

Great quality riggers belt, love the pistol slot

Perfect, Just Needs Longer Velcro
Written by Shannon on Jul 4th 2016

I like this belt so much that I've bought a few already. I like the idea of having a built in holster, partly for just in case and partly just because 'why not'. My only issue is that I wish the Velcro went a little further on the belt, like some other rigger-type belts. I prefer my belt to be slightly longer; I'm kind of right in between sizes. When I go one size up, the end of the belt (hooks) doesn't have much soft (loop) to attach to. Otherwise, awesome product that I will keep wearing.

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