CAP Double Rifle Mag Shingle

Brand: ATS
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SKU: 93058
size: 6.00 W × 6.00 H × 2.00 L
ATS Style Number: ATS-0213
ATS Part Number: 93059

The ATS CAP M4 Double Shingle is one of the Cobra Accessory Pouches designed to be used with the Cobra II/2.5 packs. This flat double shingle design securely holds three M16/M4 pattern magazines or similar sized items like radios in a very flat package due to the pockets of the shingle being made from heavy duty Mil Spec Elastic. Because it's designed to hold loaded magazines the pouch uses an HDPE stiffener to maintain total adherence to the brushed DriLex lining of the pack.

The CAP M4 Double Shingle is about 6 inches wide, about 6 inches tall, and only as thick as the items carried in it. It is made in the US of A, is fully Barry Amendment compliant and is lifetime guaranteed against defects in manufacturing or materials. Available in Coyote Brown and Black.

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