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HSGI’s DDT Magazine Pouch is the Double Decker TACO. This unique pouch holds a wide variety of rifle magazines, including but not limited to M16/M4, AK, M1A/M14, PMag LR20’s and PMag30’s, L1A1/FAL, G3, SR25, Saiga 12’s, M18 smoke grenades and even some radios. The "double deck" part of the equation is that it also holds a wide variety of pistol magazines, from single and double stack .45 magazines, through all the 9mm and .40 Short and Wide, and we’ve been told it also fits the 5.7X25 Five-SeveN magazines. Not much can’t be fit in these.

The "TACO" maintains a positive grip of the mag on which is adjustable and does not need use of any other securing systems unless desired upon by user preference. Webbing tabs are sewn in on the top for use of "over the top" bungee retainers (not included). Additional loop Velcro is sewn in the inside of the Rifle pouch if the user wishes to use adhesive backed hook Velcro on his magazine body for added security. All HSGI equipment is made in the USA and covered by HSGI’s Lifetime Warranty. MALICE Clips Included.

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