Enfilade Tourniquet Holder

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size: 5.25 W × 2.00 H × 0.50 L
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ATS Tourniquet Belt Mount

Our Tourniquet Belt Mount (TBM), wraps around and secures to any belt up to 1.75 wide, held firmly in place utilizing our Flap Closure System. While it was built with the CAT tourniquet in mind, the elastic bands with accommodate equivalent size tourniquets, holding it firmly in place until needed. The TBM will not only mount to our Skirmish and Enfilade belts, but will also work with just about any inner / outer belt combo, (regardless if it is double row Molle or slick). Our TBM allows you to place a tourniquet anywhere on your belt, giving you fast access in the event of an emergency.

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