Safariland QLS 19 Locking Fork

Brand: Safariland
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SKU: 93346
size: 6.00 W × 11.00 H × 2.00 L

The QLS (Quick Locking System) locking fork allows you to mount your holster nearly anywhere: Belt, thigh rig, chest, in the home, or even in a vehicle. The system allows you to easily remove your weapon without removing it from any of the Safariland holsters that use the three screw attachment method (just about every hard shell holster they've made since about 2007), and attach that holster anywhere you might need to. The system passes the Level I Retention pull test and is rated at approximately 400 pounds breakaway strength.

The QLS 19 Locking Fork is attached to any holster you want to move between platforms: to a different belt, to use a different model of holster, or to change to a different model of pistol. The system allows you to run all your pistols off of one belt, mix holsters between belt systems, or easily change guns without having to change to a different belt. To easily remember which parts you need, just remember that you need a Locking Fork for every holster you want to move, and a QLS 20 Receiver Plate everywhere you want to move a holster.

The QLS parts are available in black and FDE (flat dark earth).

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