Slimline M4 Triple Shingle

Brand: ATS
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size: 9.00 W × 6.00 H × 1.00 L
ATS Style Number: ATS-0207
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The Slimline M4 Triple Shingle is a redesign of our best selling M4 Triple Shingle. We've made a minimalist shingle out of it by reducing the width of the shingle and the height of the pockets, which has the added benefit of leaving a little more of the magazine exposed for easier gripping and retrieval. And, due to the 500D Cordura construction and by using our SAS (Snapless Attachment System), the shingle weighs just 3.7 ounces. In order to assist with magazine retention, the back of each pocket is lined with SureGrip material, and also uses SureGrip on the bungee pull tabs.

The shingle measures about 8 ⅛ inches wide, about 5 inches tall with a 4 inch tall magazine pocket, and is about ½ inch thick. It uses 5 channels and 5 rows of MOLLE space.

The Slimline M4 Triple Shingle is American made of the best American components and is covered by the ATS lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.

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Great mag pouch
Written by Ed toavr on Jul 22nd 2020

I thoroughly like this product, bit enough to re holster mags and since its cut in half, can speed up reloads. Theres a good reason why i have multiple sets of these mag pouches

It's just a mag pouch....
Written by EVILL55645 on Jul 21st 2020

How many time have you heard that??? It's just a mag pouch. Well i"m here to tell you, that's not the case. My ammo is my livelihood. I need my mags to be where they need to be, when i need them to be there. And when i need to stow my partial mags, i don't have to fight the pouch trying to get my mag back in. Pouch holds its shape even with no mag in it. And this Slimline version only takes up 5 channels of MOLLE, so for me it left space for a pistol mag on the front of my kit. 3 rifle mags and 1 pistol mag on the front of my ATS Aegis V2 gives me 90% of what i"m going to need in a gunfight. Oh and did i mention Quality.....oh right, i don't need to, it's ATS. Thank You ATS!!!!

M4 shingle
Written by Steven Schaner on Jul 20th 2020

Great mag pouch. Stays snug to my carrier. Bungee retention cords do the job. Great quality. My only constructive criticism is I wish they had inserts to keep the pouch open for reinserting the mags

Too small for AK mags
Written by Christopher Cooksey on Jul 20th 2020

Heads up

Great product
Written by undefined on Apr 10th 2018

Works in every situation.

Pretty good!
Written by undefined on Mar 12th 2018

Not a bad mag pouch. Switched from Tyr Tactical to ATS and I'm very pleased.

Written by Richard L Reynolds on Jan 6th 2018

This abbreviated design securely holds three M4/AR15 mags, yet allows for their quick access. I highly recommend this pouch!

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