Slimline Roll Up Dump Pouch

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ATS has redesigned our best selling Roll Up Dump Pouch for the Slimline series, and in the process has created an even flatter, lighter pouch than ever before. The body of the pouch is fabricated from 500D Cordura. The lid of the pouch serves to hold the pouch in it's rolled state and can be secured inot the pouch via Velcro to keep it out of the way when the pouch is being used. The mouth of the pouch is adjustable via a shock cord and ITW Toaster Cord Loc, and the pouch will hold six 30 round M4 magazines. It also serves as a multipurpose utility pouch suitable for evidence collection or general carry of items that aren't a good fit for more traditional pouches.

The Slimline Roll Up Dump Pouch uses the Snapless Attachment System (SAS) to further cut weight, with this pouch tipping the scale at just over 2 ounces. SAS attaches via a tab that slides into a pocket to secure the pouch, doing away with the snaps. The dump pouch, measuring about an inch and a half thick in the rolled position, and uses just two channels and three rows of MOLLE space. It's covered by the ATS lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.

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Dump Pouch
Written by EVILL55645 on Jul 21st 2020

Its a dump pouch..........oh should i say more, LOL. OK it's ATS, so it's a dump pouch that's gonna last you a 20yr career. And its TINY. 2 channels of MOLLE. Then you unroll it and go Damn. That's a good sized dump pouch. Use it for what you like. I like it rolled up most of the time so my buddies don't mess with me. When it's unrolled, the skies the limit. And if u wanna sneak a big ass rock into your buddies dump pouch as he walks around with his dump pouch unrolled, feel free. Serves him right for leaving it open....LOL. Thank You ATS for allowing us to have a working pouch and a FUN pouch all in one. ATS Quality will hold whatever rock you choose.

Very high quality.
Written by Dustyn on Jun 18th 2020

This is a very high quality dump pouch. I really don't ever see it wearing out. Very thick construction, it would take alot to tear. This is the perfect pouch for your belt, look no further.

Dump pouch
Written by Nicolas Souchon on May 19th 2019

Not yet used in real life, but this pouch is very compact when rolled. That's nice!

Works great on 1st Spear belt
Written by undefined on Jul 3rd 2018

Built a light-weight range belt, trying to save ounces. This pouch works great, easy to access when open to dump empty mags, water bottles, misc items. However, when folded up, the hook part of the velcro barely reaches the loop. This leaves a large portion of loop exposed to snags on other gear. Not sure if this is normal with the Slimline pouch, as I also purchased a regular dump pouch for another belt and that one rolled up fine.

great company, great great products
Written by Christopher Ball on Mar 14th 2018

Great product, works great with ATS products as well as Molle gear other then ATS. Love this company

Written by Cletus Bleeker on Oct 31st 2017

Having this MOLLE pouch attached to your War Belt or tactical vest provides a convenient and lightweight bag for emptied magazines or even plenty of extra shotgun shells to have at the ready. It's a great idea.

Almost Perfect, Best on the Market.
Written by John Ruckman on Sep 21st 2016

I've owned 5, count 'em F-I-V-E other brands of roll-up dump pouches. This is by far the best one yet. So good I bought a 2nd to replace my previous favorite (Maxpedition MM Rollypoly Dump Pouch). It's actually very similar in design but much lighter weight, simpler shock cord tension, with Multicam & Wolf Grey (not Foliage Green) which you won't get with Vanquest or Maxpedition as well as others. Best of all, very affordable.

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