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The ATS Bleeder Pouch was borne from the need for a first aid pouch that fit the height parameters of the ATS War Belt system that was designed to hold supplies for controlling bleeding from gunshot wounds. The system consists of a MOLLE Panel that stays permanently attached to your modular platform, and a removable pouch. This is significant because the first aid pouch is most often used by another on the wounded victim, and having the pouch able to be removed from the victim allows access to the contents without having to roll the already wounded individual around in the dirt to get supplies from his first aid kit.

The pouch is removed from the MOLLE Panel by popping an ITW/Nexus side release buckle on the retaining strap, grabbing the horizontal tear away loop and pulling. Instead of a red handle, the handle on the Bleeder Pouch is color matched so that it doesn't create a visually distinctive mark. It is held secure to the body of the pouch when not in use by Velcro.

When opened, the body side of the pouch has two vertical loops of one inch Elastic, while the face side of the pouch has a vertical loop and two horizontal loops, also of one inch Elastic. The pouch is closed by a #8 YKK zipper with 550 Paracord zipper pulls.

Owing to its 500D Cordura construction, the Bleeder Pouch Rip Away weighs just 6 3/8 ounces. The pouch measures about 6 1/4 inches wide, about 4 1/2 inches tall, and about 4 1/2 inches deep.

The Bleeder Pouch Rip Away is available in Multicam, Coyote Brown and Ranger Green. Black and ACU are available as special order colors. As with all ATS Tactical brand products, the system is made in the USA of the best quality materials available, and is covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects in materials or workmanship.

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The Best Horizontal ifak available
Written by John Gayley on Nov 29th 2021

The mounting system is superb, simply, and very strong the velcro used is very heavy duty. The added strap secures it completely. The size is perfect. Mine holds a 4 inch israeli, a single compressed kerlix, decompression needle, pair of chest seals, gloves, med packet, 2 combat gauze, and even a tourniquet. It isn't bulky and fits nicely on the small of the back allowing easy access from either draw. If going vehicle born simply remove from back velcro holder and stuff in bellow pocket. Smart design.

Great pouch.
Written by Jason Stewart on Jun 22nd 2020

Great little kit with the pouch and Velcro back to go on a warbelt/plate carrier. Solid construction, better than anything you'll get off Amazon; even if it has 1000 reviews. The only thing I miss in it is a clear red cross type marking to signify it's an IFAK kit/bleeder pouch. Any untrained person would just think it's a generic pouch and when seconds count, an easily identifiable first aid symbol would be helpful. I got some heavy duty red thread and sewed in my own red cross on the pouch and the harness. Great friggen item though.

Written by Steven on Apr 25th 2019

Enough space to store gauze, scissors, and other random junk. Nice build quality and the MOLLE straps aren't a pain in the ass to work with.

SOF Bleeder
Written by Christopher Norton on Mar 19th 2019

this is exactly what i wanted. a small, compact, easily accessible ifak. I am able to carry all the essentials and more. It fits on my war belt without taking up too much real estate. solid option

SOF bleeder pouch
Written by Terry Evans on Mar 9th 2019

Perfect size for the back of my belt, fits all my IFAK gear. Good recommendation from Tactical Rifleman.

bulky but ATS is awesome
Written by Abraham BOXX on Jul 25th 2018

Little bulky. But good. Ats is an amazing company!!

Excellent pouch
Written by Sam on Jul 12th 2018

Great pouch for exactly what it is intended for, holds a lot of medical supplies for its size. Great great pouch!

Solid Construction, Plenty of Space
Written by undefined on May 22nd 2018

I picked this up to go on my pistol belt. It's surprisingly roomy, especially for its size. Plenty of room for tourniquet, combat/clotting gauze, airway kit, nitrile gloves, a pair of hyfin chest seals, and so on. And, it fits snugly without sticking up above my belt or flopping round. As another customer observed, it would be nice if this kit had something to indicate that it was a FAK. On the ranger green, a black sharpee works just fine to remedy this problem, so it retains the 5-star rating for me using the ranger green version. Note, though, that if I'd purchased either the multicam or black kit, the lack of anything to indicate that it's a FAK would be a hit on my rating.

Excellent Quality
Written by Susan Britcher on Mar 15th 2018

Excellent quality, very well made, perfect size and capacity and fast delivery

Well made and great design
Written by Ryan on Mar 12th 2018

Well made pouch that is perfect for attaching to a war belt. Perfect for placing behind the back because it is a rip away pouch, and therefore easy to remove in a hurry. Allows you to remove the pouch and use items as needed. I do wish it was a bit larger.

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