ATS 2 Point Adjustable Sling

Brand: ATS
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SKU: ATS-2-Point-Adjustable-Sling
size: 3.00 W × 5.00 H × 1.00 L
ATS 2 point sling *

The ATS 2 Point Adjustable Sling is designed to use the standard M4 sling mounts. The ends of the sling are adjusted by way of an ITW/Nexus Tri Glide that will loop around the provided mount. Other methods of mounting, such as a QD swivel, are easily threaded onto the sling, so this sling can be used with most firearms provided a 1" mounting point slot is available.

Adjustment of the sling's length is easily performed by pulling on the running end to shorten it or pulling up on the tab of the ITW Quick Release Buckle to let the webbing out. What this allows the user to do is to tighten the sling to use as a shooting aid, or to tighten the firearm against the body in order to keep it from swinging while both hands are occupied.

The ATS 2 Point Adjustable Sling is constructed of the finest available American made materials in our factory in Hopkinsville, KY, USA. It is covered by our lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.