ATS Elite EDC Belt

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size: 12.00 W × 4.00 H × 4.00 L
ATS Style Number: ATS-6984
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The ATS Elite EDC belt is designed as a solid platform for Every Day Carry of a pistol in a holster and a reload, as well as any other items one might need to carry on a daily wear belt. This is a 1.5 inch wide belt built on a SCUBA webbing base, so it is stiff enough to support a full sized handgun and holster as well as other gear all day long. For easy donning and doffing, a 1.5 inch AustriAlpin Cobra buckle is used for the ultimate in strength and durability. The EDC belt measurements are as follows,





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Written by Steven Conner on Feb 5th 2021

I've worn this belt every day for about 6mo now. As I unbuckled it to sit down... just now, I realised how much I like it and that I hadn't yet left a review. So what better to do with 20 mins. It has held up to an abusive construction and repair environment crawling all around under houses and such perfectly all while supporting a G19 which never seems to get uncomfortable while appendix carrying with this belt! Never gets loose or sags. Its the perfect edc belt!

Elite EDC Belt: Super Impressed
Written by Symon on Apr 6th 2019

Since we pay a lot for our gear we expect bullet proof performance and lifetime durability. I feel like I'm definitely getting a sturdy American made product which I love! This is my second gun belt but first tactical one. I haven't had this belt long enough to give a long term review but it it's been 3weeks of hard use and it's doing fantastic. I had my EDC belt altered to make it double stiff so my experience is unique. Stock stiffness is quite good for ANY edc use but I decided to make mine multitask for work. Over all the belt has been great! Sleek design, superb construction, cobra buckle. On to what I don't like... The extra slack for waist size adjustment could be a bit stiffer. Also that same material folds to the outside of the belt so it snags on pants loops during install (maybe because my overall thickness is double ). The belt itself is very long due to sizing adjustability so it has extra material... about 1" too much material for my waist size. Overall this belt inspires conference. I'm considering buying another EDC model but slightly more tailored. If you are local to Ft Campbell KY area I would highly advise a storefront visit so you know exactly what you want and get.

Written by Tyler on Jan 29th 2019

I bought one belt in green to use in addition to my leather gun belts. Once I got the belt, put it and my EDC gear on it, and wore it for a week straight, I bought another black. If buying a second belt within a week of getting the first, for the only reason of waiting a second color, is not enough of a sign of how much I like the belt let me get into details. The Cobra buckles on both are excellent: low profile, sturdy, and with positive lock-up and easy release when desired. The belt itself is sturdy and ridged enough to support my M&P 2.0 Compact as well as mag carrier, but has enough give to be more comfortable than my dual layered leather gun belts. This belt has become my go-to first choice when getting ready each morning.

Great, high quality belt...
Written by Robert on Apr 3rd 2017

I have not had a chance to wear the belt much but it is what I was looking for and ATS' customer service is immediate and effective! The buckle looks like it came from the airframe of an F-18 and is easy to operate (one of the features i was really looking for, as the carry belts I've used are thick and cumbersome and the buckles are too). The belt itself is low-profile, easy as heck to adjust and super stiff. High quality product, high quality service, THANK GOD IM AMERICAN!!! Thanks ATS :)

ATS is always solid
Written by aaron@troopsdirect.org on Feb 2nd 2017

This belt is bulletproof yet low profile. Better construction than any competitors.

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