ATS Aegis Plate Carrier V1

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Aegis was the name of Zeus's shield, making it an appropriate name for a plate carrier. Unlike Zeus's shield, the ATS Aegis plate carrier is a scalable system that allows for application to many different mission sets.

The Aegis is sized on small, medium, large and XL ESAPI plates, as well as the 10X12 inch plate common to law enforcement. The plate pockets are made so that they can take straight, curved, or multi-curved plates, and are held closed by heavy duty Velcro on the plate pocket flap. The back side of the pocket that rests against the wearer has a thin closed cell foam pad under a layer of Aero Spacer wicking material. Adjustable two inch webbing with removable shoulder pads make up the upper suspension system.

The upper chest area of the Aegis has PALS webbing over Velcro, with Velcro sewn to the PALS webbing for attaching MOLLE compatible pouches like the ATS Combat Leader Admin Pouch, but also provides an attachment point for Law Enforcement identifier placards. There are four channels and three rows of MOLLE space on the upper section, with an additional six channels and three rows of MOLLE on the front flap. The lower two rows of PALS webbing are also covered with soft side Velcro to interface with the back side Velcro of the ATS Slimline Modular Chest Harnesses. There are also two ITW/Nexus Quick Attach Surface Mount buckles to interface with the Slimline Modular Chest Harnesses.

The back panel of the Aegis features a box-X stitched drag handle with one row of four channels of PALS at the top of the carrier, followed by 5 rows and 6 channels of PALS. There is a 6 inch tall and 9 48½ inch wide grid of soft side Velcro to attach identifier placards to.

The Aegis V2 comes with a simple 2" webbing waist belt to reduce cost and keep the carrier trim for situations such as an active shooter scenario.The ATS Chest Harness Adapter Kit allows the integration of the ATS Slimline Chest Harness with the use of four ITW/Nexus QASM buckles.

The Aegis Plate Carrier is made in the USA in the ATS factory in Hopkinsville, KY, using only the finest quality Mil Spec, Berry Amendment compliant materials. Its covered by our lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing and workmanship.

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Aegis V1
Written by AJ on Jan 24th 2023

I've ordered a couple things from ATS in the past after hearing nothing but good about them, what little I do hear, and I've always been impressed with the fit, finish and overall quality of their stuff. Decided I would look to them to get a Plate carrier when the time finally came for one. I was looking for a relatively simple, hardy plate carrier that can stand up to abuse, but wont break the bank, and I feel like this is exactly what I needed. The 10x12 plates I have were a little loose in movement up and down, but not so much that it caused me concern, I just cut a pad to fit in the space on the bottom; it fixed the problem and keeps it snug. The only issue I really have is that I should have probably ordered Black or Ranger Green instead of Multicam, but thats more an issue on my end than anything to do with the Plate Carrier itself, and I am sure if I strap enough things to it it wont matter what the base color is anyway. I doubt I'll have any issues when it comes to actually using it.

Amazing Plate Carrier
Written by Mr. Dave on May 17th 2021

Waited until I received my armor plates to write this review. Being my first carrier purchase I was nervous how it would fit and if the quality was up to par. When I first took it out of the box I swear I could hear some random bald eagles cawing from somewhere in my house. It's beautiful in all aspects and screams MADE IN USA. Stitching and velcro is high quality. Easily adjustable to fit even a shorter/stockier guy like myself. The quality of the meshing makes it feel comfortable and lightweight while worn. Ordered a medium worrying if 10/12 multi-curved plates would fit properly. Amazed that they fit PERFECTLY, nice and snug. Also ordered the Triple M4/Glock Shingle attachment as it was exactly what I wanted to compliment this carrier. Could not be any happier. Will be ordering more products for sure, like the cummerbund for upgraded armor options. Also, customer service is super nice and helped me out when USPS dropped the ball. Thank you ATS.

Aegis V1- Outstanding Gear
Written by Nicholas Ray Morales on Jun 12th 2020

Excellent fit and finish. Holds my plates nice and snug. Materials and stitching are first class. Can't wait to get it out to the field.

Hell Yeah
Written by Jonathan Eldridge on Apr 26th 2018

Finally some gear that’s awesome. Absolutely love it

Excellent Minimalistic Plate Carrier
Written by undefined on Apr 7th 2018

Excellent quality and made in the USA plate carrier. I bought the small size and it fit small SAPI plates (triple curve shooter's cut) front and back perfectly and securely. The multicam version looks nothing like the picture on the website--it's better. The front looks like the Aegis version 2 plate carrier with 3 rows of PALS webbing in multicam and the entire top half is in the loop material so you can easily place velco patches/pouches on it. The lo pro cummerbund is great for hot weather environments or for training/exercising purposes, but you will need the hybrid cummerbund, or get the Aegis version 2, if you need PALS capability. A skeletal cummerbund option (not currently offered) would be perfect.

Written by undefined on Mar 30th 2017

The plate carrier is a high quality piece of kit. The 10x12 carrier fits my 10x12 plates perfectly with no movement. Will buy more products more in the future.

Very well made
Written by undefined on Jun 28th 2016

I received this a week or so ago and have checked it over a couple of times now, and adjusted it to my liking. I am quite impressed! This is my first product from ATS, and certainly will not be the last. Customer service was great, shipped out in a reasonable time, and sent a rock solid rig to me. Fit, finish, nothing was neglected. I used to have a job that I had to wear armor, I wished I had this carrier back then.

All configurations you could ask for
Written by Crazy Ed on Jun 27th 2016

This will configure into any configuration you could need for range time to being ready to fight. Light weight and very good quality. Thanks ATS.

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