ATS Aegis Plate Carrier V2

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Aegis was the name of Zeus's shield, making it an appropriate name for a plate carrier. Unlike Zeus's shield, the ATS Aegis plate carrier is a scalable system that allows for application to many different mission sets.

The Aegis is sized on small, medium, large and XL ESAPI plates, as well as the 10X12 inch plate common to law enforcement. The plate pockets are made so that they can take straight, curved, or multi-curved plates, and are held closed by heavy duty Velcro on the plate pocket flap. The back side of the pocket that rests against the wearer has a thin closed cell foam pad under a layer of Aero Spacer wicking material. Adjustable two inch webbing with removable shoulder pads make up the upper suspension system.

The upper chest area of the Aegis has PALS webbing over Velcro, with Velcro sewn to the PALS webbing for attaching MOLLE compatible pouches like the ATS Combat Leader Admin Pouch, but also provides an attachment point for Law Enforcement identifier placards. There are four channels and three rows of MOLLE space on the upper section, with an additional six channels and three rows of MOLLE on the front flap. The lower two rows of PALS webbing are also covered with soft side Velcro to interface with the back side Velcro of the ATS Slimline Modular Chest Harnesses. There are also two ITW/Nexus Quick Attach Surface Mount buckles to interface with the Slimline Modular Chest Harnesses.

The back panel of the Aegis features a box-X stitched drag handle with one row of four channels of PALS at the top of the carrier, followed by 5 rows and 6 channels of PALS. There is a 6 inch tall and 9½ inch wide grid of soft side Velcro to attach identifier placards to.

The Aegis V2 comes with the military version cummerbund that can accept side plates up to 6X6 inches. The cummerbund has three rows of PALS webbing for attaching any MOLLE compatible pouches or accessories. There is an optional Hybrid cummerbund, available separately, that can be used with the system, and the ATS Chest Harness Adapter Kit that allows the integration of the ATS Slimline Chest Harness with the use of four ITW/Nexus QASM buckles.

The Aegis Plate Carrier is made in the USA in the ATS factory in Hopkinsville, KY, using only the finest quality Mil Spec, Berry Amendment compliant materials. Its covered by our lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing and workmanship.

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V2 Carrier and Customer Service
Written by Jake Z on Feb 23rd 2021

Hands down one of the best customer support teams I've ever worked with. This company first of all has extremely durable, high quality gear. I have never been more pleased with a purchase, this V2 vest is extremely comfortable and minimalist but does not go too bare Bones like the JPC. The customer service is outstanding and worked with me to accomplish my individual needs. I will definitely be a life long customer!

Awesome Product
Written by Andrew on Oct 1st 2020


ATS Aegis v2 PC
Written by Bak on Aug 4th 2020

Pros: Good quality PC. Cons: Doesn't have Quick Release.

ATS Aegis V2
Written by Casey on Jul 22nd 2020

Carrier is well made, solid platform and comfortable rig. I am Running 10x12 ASC steel plates in a medium size carrier and they fit perfect... also mounted a 6x3 m4 shingle. Product allows full range of motion while maintaining maximum coverage of vitals. Carrier is good to go, and the service team at ATS operates at the highest standard. Highly recommended. -OIF Service Connected Vet

ATS Aegis V2
Written by EVILL55645 on Jul 21st 2020

This is the BEST carrier on the market. This carrier can do it all. It holds everything you need. Quality is outstanding and stitching is spot on. Used this carrier with full kit the other day and it was nice. It was 86 degrees and 60% humidity and it was much cooler to wear because of the mesh inner lining. It was still HOT, but not nearly as hot as other carriers without it. All in All, you cant go wrong.

ATS Aegis V2
Written by EVILL55645 on Jul 21st 2020

This is the BEST carrier on the market for being everything you need and nothing more. This is a scalable armor solution that fit many mission profiles. Cant go wrong. How ATS makes money on these is beyond me. Just ran my new kit on an 86 degree day at 60% humidity and let me tell you, the mesh on the inside works very well. It's still HOT, but not nearly as hot as straight up fabric on your body. High Quality. Thank You ATS!!!!!

Aegis Review
Written by Kyle on Jul 2nd 2020

The overall quality is fantastic. It accepts my chest rig without issue. Wish I had known about the Aegis sooner, and it would've been my first and only plate carrier. Definitely recommending to others.

Ats aegis v2
Written by Paza on Jun 19th 2020

Ats was very efficient and the plate carrier I purchased is outstanding quality and craftsmanship thanks for everything !

Great plate carrier
Written by Roth on Jun 4th 2020

Love mine, great quality, I recommend ATS to all my family and friends!

More comfortable than JPC
Written by Sherwin Villarete on Jul 11th 2019

Finally had the chance to try the jpc, and I gotta say the Aegis feels more comfortable. The plate bags on the jpc are not padded, and not fully meshed. The shoulder pads on the jpc is too wide in my opinion, would rather have the shoulder pads closer to my neck. Just change the cummerbund to the hybrid on the ATS and you wont be disappointed.

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