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Tactical Mike bundle 1

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size: 12.50 W × 9.50 H × 4.00 L
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ATS Tactical is putting together their first Bundle package for our customers.  We are putting together our three top selling items with a special price for all of our tactical customers.  Here is the list of the items you will be receiving.


1.  The ATS War Belt is a padded cover that is designed to be used with a belt system up to 2" in width. The inside of the War Belt is lined with a strip of 2" wide hard side (male) Velcro to interface with duty belt soft side (female) Velcro to keep the belt from shifting during hard use. It offers full length 1/4" high-density, closed cell foam padding for comfort and is lined with Dri-Lex moisture wicking material on the inside of the belt. There are 4 ITW/Nexus 1" Looplocs on the top edge of the belt for using the optional suspenders.

The outside cover of the War Belt is bar tacked with three stacked rows of PALS webbing for use with any MOLLE compatible pouches. The outer cover is opened along the bottom, allowing access to the duty belt within (belt not included). This allows the user to hang pouches, holsters, and drop-leg hangers that are not MOLLE compatible anywhere along the inner belt. The padded belt is sized to work with our ATS War Belt Liner Belt or Cobra Rigger's Belt (Large with Large, etc.). As with all our products the ATS War Belt is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

Proper sizing for the War Belt will have each end of the War Belt ending just in front of your hip bones. The overall, end to end length measurements are Small: 30 inches, Med: 34 inches, Large: 38 ½ inches, Extra Large: 43 inches, XXL 47 inches 

2.  The ATS War Belt Insert Belt is a lightweight belt designed specifically to work in conjunction with our War Belt. It is constructed of a single piece of 2" Cordura webbing sandwiched between two layers of loop (female) Velcro and then stitched 5 times to give it some stiffness. The belt fastens in the front with an ITW Nexus 2" dual adjust side release buckle. They are designed to match up to the War Belt sizing (medium to medium, large to large, etc.).

(S) 30-36 (M) 34-40 (L) 29-45 (XL) 43-49

The War Belt Insert Belt is offered in Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Foliage Green and Black. As with the rest of our product line, the ATS War Belt Insert Belt is made in the USA of the highest quality materials and are lifetime warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. 

3.    The SOF Bleeder pouch is removed from the MOLLE Panel by popping an ITW/Nexus side release buckle on the retaining strap, grabbing the horizontal tear away loop and pulling. Instead of a red handle, the handle on the Bleeder Pouch is color matched so that it doesn't create a visually distinctive mark. It is held secure to the body of the pouch when not in use by Velcro.

When opened, the body side of the pouch has two vertical loops of one inch Elastic, while the face side of the pouch has a vertical loop and two horizontal loops, also of one inch Elastic. The pouch is closed by a #8 YKK zipper with 550 Paracord zipper pulls.

Owing to its 500D Cordura construction, the Bleeder Pouch Rip Away weighs just 6 3/8 ounces. The pouch measures about 6 1/4 inches wide, about 4 1/2 inches tall, and about 4 1/2 inches deep.

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Unbelievable Quality for the Price!
Written by undefined on Aug 31st 2018

When looking for war belt set-ups to buy as a gift, I came across numerous reviews by Special Forces and Special Operation personnel who could not speak high-enough of this product. I was amazed to see the price, thinking this highly acclaimed set up would burn my wallet! The user absolutely LOVES this gift and has already customized their kit onto the molle and added their drop-leg holster. The quality is superb and I will ABSOLUTELY be recommending only ATS!! On a side note, ATS has phenomenal customer service who answered all my questions in a timely and professional manor, big thanks to them for their support!

Great products, EXCEPTIONAL customer service!
Written by Todd on Aug 28th 2018

Ordered the bundle and the sizes were wrong when I got them (my fault, not ATS) because my tactical girth was larger than I realized. Shot them an email and got a response back that day. Shipped the items back and had my replacement items on the way within a business day! Great quality and I will be ordering more from them. Highly recommend them and their products!

Love this product
Written by undefined on Jul 24th 2018

Good quality product received as advertised!

love it!
Written by William R Cale on Jun 29th 2018

Quality is first rate. Went together without a hitch. I recommend it

A Great Tactical Belt!
Written by undefined on May 5th 2018

As a law enforcement officer required to respond to various tactical situations, the ATS War Belt is my rig of choice. It’s not too padded that I feel like I’m wearing an inner tube at Wet and Wild. It fits great around my waist and doesn’t move from physical exertions and distributes weight nicely. I’m all around happy and satisfied with my choice. Add in the fact that ATS offers it in a bundle and it’s a win-win choice.

Great starter kit
Written by undefined on Feb 9th 2018

Very solid products, this is the second one I have owned. First one was in a different color and is still running strong. This bundle provides a great foundation to a custom war belt. Enough room to be able to mount everything you need and still not be cluttered. Very comfortable to wear and easy to place all of my grip on where I can get to it easy. ATS has some of the best products I have ever used. I only say some because I have not tried all of their product line. I recommend them to everyone who asks for my recommendation on the best gear to carry. The products are made right here in the USA and the Family owned company has a very high standard for their products before they are allowed on the line.

very good quality
Written by undefined on Dec 9th 2017

Very good construction and quality from these guys. Fortunately, this bundle came out right when I had the idea to get a battle belt. Battle Belt- solid construction. No loose threads. Extra stitching in what is probably the most stressed parts of the belt. Meshy lining is comfortable and soft. It’s not perforated like a net, which I prefer personally. Velcro bonding between the battle belt and belt insert is SUPER strong. Like, annoyingly strong when your putting it in. But that’s a good thing, it ain’t splitting under no normal circumstances whatsoever. I actually use it in conjunction with a mosquito harness from direct action. Works. Belt insert- simple and does the job. Stitching is same as belt and is easily adjustable. Material is more than good enough for belt purposes. If you don’t plan on rappelling or anything like that, just get this belt. Pouch- looks to be the SOF Bleeder Pouch. I like it a lot. Stitching is good. The pouch is mounted (velcro) on a flat Velcro piece. The flat Velcro piece is what actually mounts onto your belt. This way you can rip the pouch off easy and work with the entire bag in your hands instead of taking off your belt or constantly reaching behind. A buckle attached to opposite sides of the Flat Velcro piece can be used to keep the pouch against you in case the Velcro fails or something. Inside is good. Just big enough for what you need. Has 5 elastic loops total, 2 on one side of pouch 3 on other. Elastic feels tough. Overall, very good bundle in my opinion. Material feels durable, stitching is strong, and camo looks like it should. I don’t do any type of run and gun or competitions, but I might eventually. So, I cannot vouch for how comfortable it feels in those situations. I use it primarily to keep all my gear on me in useful positions instead of throwing it all in a bag. Would definitely recommend

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