ATS Skirmish Belt System

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ATS Skirmish Belt

Whether for tactical work, competitive shooting, or  even just a day on the range. The ATS Skirmish belt, is perfect for those needing a sturdy belt, capable of bearing of heavy loads, yet more streamlined than a full War Belt. Comprised of an inner / outer belt system, the Skirmish belt is plenty rigid, perfect for supporting a holster and numerous magazine pouches and other items. Comprised of a 1.75” outer belt made from scuba webbing, with male Velcro liner complete with two rows of MOLLE webbing and is secured by a Cobra buckle. Additionally, it has a steel mounting loop perfect for attaching an aircraft safety lanyard to, that can be Velcroed down when not in use. The 1.5’ wide inner belt will accommodate most pants belt loops, and is covered with a female Velcro strip. When worn together the ATS Skirmish belt is the ideal platform for tactical, competition and everyday shooters. So looking for a belt that is minimal in profile but can support a full combat load? Look no further, the Skirmish belt is just that, low profile yet sturdy as Hell!  

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ATS Skirmish Belt
Written by Tyler on Jan 29th 2019

First the sizing, and the only reason this belt is not a 5 star in my book. I have a 34 inch waist and ordered a Medium (32-36). When I was adjusting the belt for the first time, I found that I had maybe 1/4 inch of Velcro left before the belt would be too small. So I ordered a Large (36-40) to see if that fit better. For the Large to fit properly, I had to tighten it to the point that some of the Velcro was fed through the male side of the Cobra buckle. Essentially, if I gain an inch (go up to 35 inches in waist) the Medium (32-36) will be so small the Velcro on the male end of the Cobra buckle would be too short to do its intended job of securing the buckle. However, if I lose an inch (go down to 33 inch in waist) I would be concerned about being able to feed enough of the belt with the Velcro on it through the buckle to make it tight enough. So I plan to keep both for now and see how that plays out. To summarize, the belts seem to run a little small (at least with the Medium, the large seems true to size.) On to the belt itself. It's rock solid in its construction, simple to don and doff, and just all-around excellent . If this belt looks even remotely like it would suite your needs - a lot profile, sturdy, load-bearing, and MOLLE compatible belt, then I would highly recommend it.

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